Commonly Asked Hotel Receptionist Interview Questions

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Published: 27th November 2009
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Hotel Receptionist is a person employed in a hotel who is responsible for welcoming guests as they arrive in a hotel premises. They either meet in person or answer through phones and provide first impression of the hotel to the guests.

Nowadays there is wide range of employment opportunities in this field. Below are list of questions which are frequently asked in interviews for this post.

1. What are the roles and responsibilities of a hotel receptionist?
A hotel receptionist has to perform numerous important duties. He or she is responsible for answering visitor inquiries about a hotel and its services, directing visitors to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answering incoming calls on multi-line telephones, filing, records keeping, keyboarding and performing a variety of other office tasks, such as faxing or emailing.

2. Can you please tell us about occupation specific tasks that you have undertaken in your previous organization?
The occupation specific tasks that I performed in my previous hotel include welcoming guests, dealing with room bookings, cancellations and handling general requests made by guests during their stay. I also handled telephone inquiries, managed customer relations and provided exemplary services.

3. If there is any unsatisfied and irate customer. How do you handle him or her?
Unsatisfied customers are part and parcel of running a hotel. It is very important for any hotel to satisfy their customer. Well, I generally handle unhappy customers by listening them. The main thing an unsatisfied customer wants is to be heard. So I let them speak first and thereafter I try to solve their problem.

4. There are so many hotels. Why you particularly applied here?
It is the most common and often asked interview question. One has to tell reasons as to why he or she fits into this position. Think of all the good qualities in your personality that makes you suitable for the job. Remember, you have to tell how your studies, skills, experience and personal qualities will contribute to the work of the hotel.

5. Why are you leaving your previous job?
Remember, never abuse or disrespect your previous employer. You can politely answer this question by saying that there was no growth scope in my previous hotel that is why I left it. I am looking for a company with long term growth opportunities.

These are some of the frequently asked interview questions. I hope now you will not face any problem in answering the above questions.

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