Top Five Hotel General Manager Interview Questions

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Published: 27th November 2009
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A hotel general manager is an executive manager employed in a hotel who is responsible for the overall operation of a hotel establishment. He or she is accountable for hiring management team, managing hotel staff, budgeting, creating and enforcing business objectives and goals, managing projects and renovations.

There is great career opportunity for hotel general mangers in hotel industry. In this article I would like to provide some of the important questions that are frequently asked in interviews for this post.

1. What are the typical roles and responsibilities of a hotel general manager?

A hotel general manager has to perform large number of important roles and responsibilities. He or she is required to prepare a yearly budget and submit it to the hotel owner. The responsibility of employee terminations and new hires rests on the shoulder of a general manager. He or she decides the best rate for any given day, night, weekend or special event. They even set hotel service standards as well as choose extra services or amenities to make the hotel more appealing to travelers.

2. What job specific tasks have you performed in your previous hotel?

The job specific tasks which I performed include training newly recruited assistants, creating and delivering the payroll records, managing records of employees, motivating employees and managing different programs and seminars to increase efficiency of workers. I even handled and coordinated the food and beverage operations.

3. What is your area of proficiency?

Just mention your areas of expertise. The best way to answer this question is by telling your strength. You can say that I have specialization in financial and strategic planning, profit and loss management, hotel administration, accounts maintenance, marketing, housekeeping, food and beverage management, catering and maintenance.

4. What is your professional qualification for this post?

For answering this question just mention your general qualification including post graduation, graduation and high school along with the year of passing. Apart from this you also have to reveal your professional course. Just state the degree or certification course that you may have undertaken.

5. Please tell us something about your weakness?

It is a good question which gives you an outstanding opportunity to put a positive turn on something negative. You have to mold your negatives into positives. Like in weakness you can say that I am too focused toward my work and I think I should take out time for myself.

It is very important to be prepared for an interview. During the course of an interview, you may be asked various questions. Just one bad answer can stand out and cost you the job. So prepare and rehearse well before interview.

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